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          In Year 10 we develop the employability skills of our students through Work Experience, and Get Set days, during which they will hopefully gain confidence and become aware of their strengths & talents. It is a beneficial addition on a student’s CV when he/she may apply for jobs/colleges. The 工作经验 will be complemented in June followed by the Interview Day that takes place in July.




          工作经验 日期  
          CMS私募形式 2018年12月6日 下载
          CMS WEX总结2019 20为父母 2019年12月5日 下载
          工作经验2019 20父启动 2019年12月5日 下载
          工作经验法庭网赌被黑地学校2019 2019年12月5日 下载

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