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          Koosa kids

          KOOSA Kids have been running the holiday club at Court Moor school since 2007.  The club offers reliable, cost-effective childcare for up to 100 children aged 4-13 years and has proved very popular with both parents and children.  The activity programme changes each holiday period and has weekly themes such as Kings & Queens, Superheroes and Around the World and with more than 300 activities to choose from, you can feel reassured that your child will be engaged all day long.  KOOSA Kids have the use of the school hall, drama studio, dance studio, classrooms, sports hall, playground and expansive and secure outdoor areas where activities such as go-karts, football, cricket, crossbow, team games, arts & crafts and drama take place. 

          如果您想预定您的孩子进入节日koosa儿童俱乐部,请访问 //www.koosakids.co.uk 或致电0845 0942322获取更多信息。

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