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          • 下午5:55 - 2020年1月24日 Awesome display from the Year 10 rugby boys this afternoon! Missing a few players, but the squad dug deep to find an impressive win against a strong and committed side. Now on to the knockout rounds of the County Plate. Exciting times! MOM Dan Sweeney (5 tries!!)
          • 下午5点27分 - 2020年1月22日 Well done to the U13 girls basketball team for a great win against some real improvements by the girls on the court. Well done to all🏀
          • 下午3点07分 - 2020年1月16日 Year 11 completed a titrations practical where they calculated the concentration of the alkali used, having precisely measured the volumes of acid and alkali required to achieve the neutralisation end point, as shown by phenolphthalein indicator changing from pink to colourless. 阅读更多
          • 上午11点13分 - 2020年1月15日 Years 10 and 11 study broader aspects of the curriculum on Get Set Days. For more information on Get Set Days have a look at our website 阅读更多
          • 上午11时11分 - 2020年1月15日 Year 11 have a Get Set Day today. This includes sessions on revision skills and , health, and forgiveness. The latter will look at when forgiveness is possible, whose job is it, is it for the weak, and does being religious make it easier or harder. 阅读更多

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