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          Meet the Team

          Court Moor has just under 70 teaching staff and it is likely that most students will have some interaction with most staff in their time at Court Moor. We like this because it helps to keep a strong sense of community and that personal touch is what students and parents like about the school. It's always good to put a face to a name, so feel free to browse the profile of some key members of our team

          • 10:27 AM - 24th July, 2020 We have a vacancy for an IT/PR Officer. Further detail via the link below. Closing date is Friday 7th August @ 12pm. Read more
          • 10:20 AM - 23rd July, 2020 Autumn Term - Monday 7th Sept 2020 ONLY Year 7 - 8.30am FRONT gate & then library block Year 8 - 9.30am FRONT gate & then main block Year 9 - 9.45am FRONT gate & then Dinorben block Year 10 - 9.30am BACK gate & then Forest block Year 11 - 8.45am BACK gate & then science block
          • 02:46 PM - 17th July, 2020 Elliott Alder was the winner of the Year 7 task to be creative with ingredients for his Winnie the Pooh themed tea. Years 8 and Year 9 worked on a Black Lives Matter project. The winners were Sophie Casson (Year 8 ) and Jacob Zborala-Soutter (Year 9). Well done all! Read more
          • 01:01 PM - 16th July, 2020 Year 7 Geographers Competition Our year 7 geographers have worked really hard on their “world beyond my window” projects. The quality of the work was amazing. We are pleased to announce the 4 winners are Rosie (7WAS), Riley and Luke (7ASL) and Claire (7NHC). Well done all of you! Read more
          • 11:05 AM - 16th July, 2020 Activities Week Day 3 Year 7 students were asked to create a country – the winner was Katie Doy for Apfel! Well done, Katie! Year 8 and Year 9 had to do a biodiversity challenge - the winners were Rachel Wells (Year 8) and Hannah Rambour (Year 9). Well done Rachel and Hannah! Read more

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